Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio’s mission is to protect, promote, and provide empowered health care for generations for women, men, and families across Ohio.

Planned Parenthood is one of the leading providers of high quality, affordable health care for women, men, and young people and provider of sex education. We serve approximately 60,000 patients and provide sex education to more than 45,000 education participants annually throughout Ohio.

  • Our reproductive health care and health education services include birth control options, STI testing and treatment, pregnancy testing and options information, abortion, pelvic exams and pap tests, HPV vaccines, HIV testing and referrals, breast and cervical cancer diagnosis, and vasectomy services.
  • We work every day to make sure women, men, and young people receive the high quality health care they need in a safe, respectful environment. That includes safe and legal abortion.
  • With 21 health centers across Ohio and open at convenient times, you can schedule an appointment online or by calling 800.230.PLAN – we accept most insurance and some locations offer same day appointments.

Planned Parenthood relies on supporters like you to make it possible for us to serve women and families in Ohio. You can get involved in three ways:

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NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio Foundation

Protecting reproductive choices through education, training, organizing, and legal action.

NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio Foundation is a six-member team that provides public education to support the NARAL mission. We provide training, educational forums, and workshops for NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio members and pro-choice constituents. Our current projects include advocating for a complete US Supreme Court, defending Ohio abortion providers against administrative actions against them, and organizing to keep abortion safe, legal, and accessible across Ohio.

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New Voices Cleveland

New Voices Cleveland is a branch of the field expansion program for New Voices for Reproductive Justice founded and based in Pittsburgh, PA. As an unapologetically Black organization that has 12 years of successes of women of color leadership in amplifying the voices, lives, experiences and leadership of Black women, girls and LGBTQ people locally in Pittsburgh and across the state of Pennsylvania. 

We are excited to bring a critical voice and support Black and people of color leadership in Ohio! 

As we expand our work throughout the rustbelt region, Cleveland is where we are based. Our goal is to build a leadership network of Black women, girls, LGBTQAI+ people and our co-conspirators to establish a statewide policy agenda that is reflective of how Black women, girls and LGBTQ people’s needs and realities are prioritized and protected in local and state policy. Reproductive Justice is a human rights framework founded by Black women in 1997 that fights for the right to have a child, not have a child and parent a child in safe and sustainable communities, free from violence. Indigenous and women of color adopted the reproductive justice framework out of an invisibility and lack of acknowledgement of our voices in the reproductive health and reproductive rights movements. At New Voices for Reproductive Justice, our definition of reproductive justice is to protect and defend the health and well being of Black women and girls, lives, bodies, labor and reproduction.

We accomplish our movement building work through our Voice Your Vote!™ Integrated Voter Engagement program that has reached 90,000 Black women ages 18-49 in Pittsburgh/Allegheny County in Pennsylvania since 2014. We intend to expand the success of our program across the state of Ohio to ensure that Black communities are involved in the political process, and to protect the rights of Black women and people to have access to contraception, comprehensive sex education, family planning and abortion access.

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Health Care for You—Keeping You Safe and Healthy

Preterm is a nonprofit health care center that provides abortion care and other sexual health services, such as birth control, STD testing and treatment, and wellness care. We provide the highest quality health care in a respectful, nonjudgmental environment.

We train the health care providers of tomorrow from all the major hospitals in the region and from around the country. We are also a vocal advocate for reproductive health, rights, and justice in our community.

  • We support your choices.
  • We respect your privacy.
  • We’re committed to your safety.
  • We trust our patients.
  • Our patients trust Preterm.

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All abortion facilities must have a transfer agreement with a non-public hospital within 30 miles of their current location.
Ohio Rev. Code Ann. 3702.3010


Doctors must do an ultrasound, whether or not it is medically necessary. Doctors must look for a fetal heartbeat as part of the ultrasound and must give the woman the option to hear or view the heartbeat.
Ohio Rev. Code Ann. § 2919.191

If a fetal heartbeat is detected, a woman must be given the statistical probability of bringing a pregnancy to term.
Ohio Rev. Code Ann. § 2919.192

All ambulatory surgical facilities must have a written transfer agreement with a local hospital, Public hospitals are banned from having an agreement with facilities that provide abortions.
Ohio Rev. Code Ann. § 3707.303, 3727.60

It is illegal for organizations that receive funds from the rape crisis program trust fund to refer victims to abortion services.
Ohio Rev. Code Ann. § 109.921


January: Kasich becomes Governor

It is illegal for insurance plans that cover local government employees to include non-therapeutic abortion coverage.
Ohio Rev. Code Ann. § 9.04

It is illegal for public hospitals to provide an abortion unless a woman’s life is at risk.
Ohio Rev. Code Ann. § 5101.57

Ohio bans abortion after viability, and after 20 weeks requires providers to conduct a “viability test” (which does not exist).
Ohio Rev. Code Ann. § 2919.17

It is illegal for private health insurance plans in the state’s marketplace to cover non-therapeutic abortion care.
Ohio Rev. Code Ann. § 3901.87