All abortion facilities must have a transfer agreement with a non-public hospital within 30 miles of their current location.
Ohio Rev. Code Ann. 3702.3010


Doctors must do an ultrasound, whether or not it is medically necessary. Doctors must look for a fetal heartbeat as part of the ultrasound and must give the woman the option to hear or view the heartbeat.
Ohio Rev. Code Ann. § 2919.191

If a fetal heartbeat is detected, a woman must be given the statistical probability of bringing a pregnancy to term.
Ohio Rev. Code Ann. § 2919.192

All ambulatory surgical facilities must have a written transfer agreement with a local hospital, Public hospitals are banned from having an agreement with facilities that provide abortions.
Ohio Rev. Code Ann. § 3707.303, 3727.60

It is illegal for organizations that receive funds from the rape crisis program trust fund to refer victims to abortion services.
Ohio Rev. Code Ann. § 109.921


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It is illegal for insurance plans that cover local government employees to include non-therapeutic abortion coverage.
Ohio Rev. Code Ann. § 9.04

It is illegal for public hospitals to provide an abortion unless a woman’s life is at risk.
Ohio Rev. Code Ann. § 5101.57

Ohio bans abortion after viability, and after 20 weeks requires providers to conduct a “viability test” (which does not exist).
Ohio Rev. Code Ann. § 2919.17

It is illegal for private health insurance plans in the state’s marketplace to cover non-therapeutic abortion care.
Ohio Rev. Code Ann. § 3901.87


Any woman receiving an ultrasound while seeking an abortion must be offered the opportunity to view the screen and be offered a physical copy of the ultrasound image.
Ohio Rev. Code Ann. § 2517.561

All facilities that provide abortion care must post a large sign with all capital letters and 44 font type informing patients that it is against the law to coerce someone to have an abortion.
Ohio Rev. Code Ann. § 3701.791


No state or local funds may be used for abortion except in the case of rape, incest, or life endangerment. The rape or incest must be reported to police.
Ohio Rev. Code Ann. § 5101.56


Groups that receive health department grants cannot use grant money to provide counseling and referrals for abortion care or to provide abortion care.
Ohio Rev. Code Ann. § 3701.046


State funding is provided for a “Choose Life” license-plate program that sends money to anti-abortion organizations.
Ohio Rev. Code Ann. § 4500.91


Medication abortions may be provided only by physicians. All other qualified health professionals are prohibited from providing abortion care. Abortion may be provided only according to the protocol identified on the label of one of the relevant drugs which requires multiple trips to the clinic and more medication than the most up-to-date medical standards recommend.
Ohio Rev. Code Ann. § 2919.123


A specific abortion procedure is banned.
Ohio Rev. Code Ann. § 2919.151

No public facility may perform any non-therapeutic abortion.
Ohio Rev. Code Ann. § 5101.57


A woman must receive government-written materials and counseling in person, make two trips to the clinic, and wait 24 hours before the procedure is provided.
Ohio Rev. Code Ann. § 2317.566

A woman younger than 18 must have written consent from one parent or a court order in order to obtain an abortion.
Ohio Rev. Code Ann. § 2919.121

State employee insurance is prohibited from covering non-therapeutic abortions which is any abortion except those to save a woman’s life or rape/incest reported to police.
Ohio Rev. Code Ann. § 9.04