Violence and Threats Against Abortion Providers in Ohio

Across Ohio, abortion providers are stalked and threatened by ‘pro-life’ extremists and told they ‘forfeit the right to live normal lives.’

During the Republican National Convention in Cleveland this month, Ohio’s extremists will be joined by groups that call for the judicial execution of abortion doctors, threaten ‘irregular military tactics’ against abortion providers and employ people who try to bomb clinics.


Ohio Clinics Experience Severe Anti-Abortion Violence, Targeted Intimidation

According to the Feminist Majority Foundation 2014 National Clinic Violence Survey, one in five women’s health clinics in the United States experienced severe anti-abortion violence.

That means one in five clinics have experienced a blockade, clinic invasion, bombing, arson, chemical attack, physical violence, stalking, gunfire, bomb threats, arson threat or death threats.  Abortion clinics in Toledo and Columbus have both been targets of vandalism. Clinics have had broken windows and doors, as well as religiously-based threats spray-painted on their walls.

What’s more, the targeted intimidation of abortion providers is on the rise. Radical anti-abortion activists have created WANTED-style flyers targeting doctors and staff, posted the personal information and photographs of staff online, targeted demonstrations at doctors’ and staff homes, and even stalked abortion providers and staff.

In Dayton, doctors in an independent medical group were targeted by a campaign called #KillersAmongUs. The extremist organization Created Equal used graphic images on posters, billboards, and postcards with the names, photos, and home addresses of doctors in the medical group. Postcards were mailed to these doctors’ neighbors. Trucks with the billboards were parked outside their homes. These doctors were targeted because they listed their names on an application to help an unaffiliated abortion provider obtain a license.

In Columbus, the #KillersAmongUs campaign targets abortion providers with postcards as well. Created Equal regularly displays their provocative signs outside neighborhood high schools and college campuses, attempting to incite students, parents, and pedestrians.

Percentage of Clinics Experiencing Targeted Intimidation of and Threats Against Doctors and Staff 2010-2014

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Here Are the Facts

Ohio abortion providers are stalked and threatened

The owner of the Women’s Med Center of Cincinnati was harassed all the way to the parking lot by Mark Harrington and his fellow anti-choice bullies as she was leaving the Hamilton County Courthouse on August 15, 2014. No one should face this kind of treatment for providing or accessing medical care.

Ohio abortion providers told they ‘forfeit the right to live normal lives’

Quote from Mark Harrington, National Director of Created Equal (Ohio-based anti-abortion group) in a blog post. Details Created Equal’s commitment to pressuring Wright State Physicians into driving out Martin Haskell (abortion provider).

“The timing could not be better. At exactly the same time that Haskell is looking for other doctors in the area to serve as back-up support, we are showing them all what will happen if they do. Killers among us forfeit the right to live normal lives.”

Source: New Patriots Blog

National ‘pro-life’ extremists call for judicial execution of abortion doctors

Troy Newman has explicitly called for this in his book, ‘Their Blood Cries Out’

“Cruz trumpeted an endorsement from an anti-abortion activist who once called killing an abortion doctor a ‘justifiable defensive action’ and who leads a group, Operation Rescue, where a colleague did prison time for a conspiracy to bomb an abortion clinic.”

“Newman, the Operation Rescue official whose endorsement Cruz touted, has called women who have abortions ‘murderesses.’ He said societal responsibility ‘rightly involves executing convicted murderers, including abortionists, for their crimes in order to expunge bloodguilt from the land.’”

Source: Washington Post article, November 2015

National ‘pro-life’ extremists threaten ‘irregular military tactics’ against abortion providers

“‘Irregulars are soldiers or warriors who are members of special organizations that employ irregular military tactics. This involves avoiding large-scale combat, focusing instead on small, stealthy, hit and run engagements’…”

Source: The Survivors, an anti-abortion group, announced THE BIRTH OF THE IRREGULARS on its website on August 26, 2015 in a blog post (that has now been taken down)

National ‘pro-life’ extremists employ people who try to bomb clinics

Cheryl Sullenger, Newman’s right hand at Operation Rescue, was convicted of trying to bomb an abortion clinic.

3 years in prison for conspiring to bomb a San Diego abortion clinic – now senior vice president to Operation Rescue.

“The Sullengers are the first of eight members of the fundamentalist Bible Missionary Fellowship in Santee to be sentenced for their part in the attempted bombing of the Family Planning Associates Medical Group on July 27. The gasoline bomb failed to go off when wind blew out the fuse.

Source: LA Times article, April 1989

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